Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I want to share something with you. A story. A story about a friend close to me. A story about Ann.

Ann was very smart. She was also very pretty. But most importantly Ann had a loving heart. She seldom judged or got angry, was always ready to give a hand, and she hardly told a lie. 

Sounds like a fictional character, right? But she is as real as you and I.

Ann was one of those few beings who are graced with brains and beauty. This made her a magnet for envy and gossip and gave her a taste of early pain life could inflict.

See, people judged Ann, though they did not understand her. 

She was hurt by this. So hurt she wanted to know just the heck who she was, that maybe what everybody thought was true but she was unaware of it.

This eventually drove Ann away. Ann did not know her purpose in life. She did not know why she was here, on this earth, or even if there was a God. When Ann died it was a shock to everyone. 

What caused her death was an even bigger shock. 

Drug overdose.

I knew Ann had bouts of depression, but I never knew how much she suffered, especially that she used drugs to cope.

This is not a confession, nor do I want to make you sad, but I tell you this story because Ann was very close to me. I like to think I knew her well, but that would be a lie. 

But I did know what she suffered from. A lack of direction, a lack of purpose.

The problem was that Ann did not know who she was or how to find the answer. She had all these talents, all these ideas, even brilliance but she didn’t know what to do with it. After she died I started to ask myself the very same question. 

For the last 10 years that question has remained unanswered, but it has grown deeper, deep enough to find a little gold.

When people think of numerology they don’t think much. As far as the scientific world is concerned numbers despite being the fundamental building blocks to all life and order in the universe, play no role or significance in our individual lives. However, we have gotten this far together so I hope you can control your skepticism until at least the finish.

Numbers are a part of our world. How deep this relationship goes is certainly up for debate but there is no doubt it is much deeper than we currently know. In fact, numbers play a much bigger role in our lives than we suspect, and it is numbers which I believe can guide us to the answer and to ourselves.

Ann did not know that. But you can.

You have a number. A very special number. We all have numbers, and these numbers shape our lives and destinies.

What if I told you that the moment you were born you inherited a set of skill, talents, and potentials, and if used properly and with faith you could achieve all that you were designed to achieve and come closer to the truth of who you are.

Sounds exciting right? It is. But it’s no secret. It comes with you the moment you are born and never leaves. 

What is it? It’s your birth date. And that date, when added together has a very special number, with a very special significance. This number reveals why you are here, what you were meant to do, and the talents you have to do it.

But don’t take my word for it. Count it yourself.

Knowing what I know now about my number and how it relates to my whole entire life and destiny has made me calmer, more successful, and happier. Why?

Because I know a little bit more about who I am and what I can achieve. And to give thanks for this knowledge, I want to share my story with others who may be a lost and still searching.

Ann cannot come back. At least not as Ann. But Ann’s story is a story most of us share, and I think those who are at least honest with themselves wants to know the purpose of their life and what lies like a treasure in their hearts. 

So I feel it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you too are seeking for a better understanding of yourself, a happier life, and more success, right?

I’ve talked a lot about Ann so let me tell you about another friend named NickNick is very successful, and by successful I mean Nick knows who he is. He knows that because he has a map, a kind of spiritual GPS that gives a kind of route to his destination.

Really it doesn’t matter how you get there, because there are an infinite number of ways. But wouldn’t you at least like to know where you’re going and why the heck you’re going there?

Nick can help you, just like he helped me. What Nick offers people is more than just numerology. Nick offers real, practical help that will bring you closer to your own abilities and success, ultimately paving the way to a deeper understanding of who the heck you are.

If you are already happy, if you already know your divine inheritance and treasures that lie within, than maybe Nick can at least tickle your interest....

....but if you struggle with the question “who am I” or have a feeling that you are something more, that you possess great, wonderful potentials that would make you more successful and happier as well as those near and far around you, I recommend you pay Nick a visit.

Because he can help. Because he will change your life.

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